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Eric LeMoyne is one of Canada's most versatile composers and sound designers. For 25 years he has put the finishing touch on innumerable productions for television, film, the web and video games. From the theme of MuchMusic's Fax to the score for the war doc Newfoundland at Armageddon his music remains original and effective.

With training from the jazz legend Art Roberts and years as a working keyboardist he set the foundation of his career in the Synclavier room at legendary Studio Morin Heights. Numerous show themes, documentaries and series followed, earning him nominations at the Gemini Awards, 3 times for music and twice for sound : Paul Cowan's 'Double or Nothing', and Alan Handel's 'The Reichmanns' and 'Liberty, USA' all caught the Academy's ears. The series 'Student Bodies', 'Technopolis' and 'Finding Our Talk' were huge successes in their respective markets. His services have been called on by Ubisoft for it's Tarzan and Batman games, Global Television for it's morning show as well as by Montreal icon Josh Freed for his documentary films. Over the last 7 years Radio-Canada's hit series 'Ici Laflaque' has relied on him for crafting entertainging sound. Recently the science documentaries 'Lethal Beauty', 'To Bee or Not To Bee' and NatGeo's 'Into the Lost Crytal Caves' have served to broaden his musical scope.