23 October 2018

On Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 8 PM on CBC-TV, Josh Freed's newest doc is airing on The Nature of Things. It's called The Memory Mirage, and it will challenge the things you think you know and remember. It was exciting to work on the score for this, and I hope you can tune in.

22 January 2018

TVO's broadcast cycle of this clever kids' series kicks off this week. Thanks to Joan Takefman and Apartment 11 for calling on me for the music.
Raven 's Quest Short Poster












14 January 2018

Good old-fashioned political satire fueled by high-end technology. So cool to be part of the team that makes this great show year-in-year-out.
Laflaque Et Serge 2018







2 june 2017

Music for corporate identity can be tricky. But when working for a company with strong products and goals, it can also be an awesome experience. Below, Foundry's newest piece, scored by yours truly. S/O to Shawn Hendriks and Shera D'Spain of Foundry.Foundry Title Card








22 May 2017

Music is wrapped and ready for the June 18th 9PM broadcast of Josh Freed's latest "The Taming of the Queue" on DocChannel. Find out how to beat the lineup. But in the meantime... you gotta wait.
Tamingofthequeue _480








15 May 2017

Mohawk Ironworkers has a fun companion game. Download it here (don't try to play it in the browser).
Rivet Rampage Splash _480










1 May 2017

What a great year! Lots of music, lots of mixing.
Some interesting mixing projects:
APTN series Mohawk Ironworkers is available in English, French and Mohawk!
Science series On s'aime en chien hosted by dog-whisperer Jean Lessard aired on ICI Explora and is streaming on tou.tv
Sophie Lambert's documentary Des nuances de sexe et de gris probes the taboo subject of seniors' sex lives - streams on Télé-Québec
And for another year Gérard D picked apart the politicos on Serge Chapleau's ICI Laflaque

10 May 2016

Hard at work on Mushkeg's new series for APTN about the Mohawk men and women who build our bridges and skyscrapers. A ton of fun making rockin' music beds and soundmixes for this project airing in the fall.
MIW-splash FINAL








10 May 2016

Scoring an amazing 2-hour documentary that recounts Newfoundland's ill-fated but historical participation in WW1. Look for it this fall.
Soldiers WW1








1 May 2016

Season 12 of ICI-Laflaque is done, another 26 episodes of mixing completed. Looking forward to next fall for more. Thanks to Serge and everyone involved for this fantastic series. Past shows can be watched here.Laflaque Et Serge








27 sep 2015

Season 12 of ICI-Laflaque has kicked in to gear. Loads of laughs for you, lots of mixing for me!Laflaque2015








21 May 2015

Contributed the music score to Josh Freed's latest film Deluged by Data.
If you missed the original CBC broadcast, it is viewable here. International releases are in the works.
Deluged -by -Data -Cover1








20 May 2015

Wrapped another season of sound mixing for political satire hit series ICI-Laflaque.
Episodes available here.

19 May 2015

Scam City is going strong in the daily rotation on Travel & Escape fresh from its nomination at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards.
Clips can also be watched here.
Scam City2








18 feb 2015

World premiere of this beautiful feature doc on the 27th at RVCQ.APME2



















5 feb 2015

Min Søsters Børn og Guldgraverne (My Sisters' Kids - Gold Rush) opens today in Copenhagen. It's a Danish family-adventure feature which I had a blast scoring. Thanks to the folks at Troublemakers who made it happen.MSK-GoldRush-title









1 nov 2014

Scoring a fun foreign feature film. Check back for details...

1 sept 2014

Finished the music for Marilù Mallet's epic documentary 'Au pays de la muraille enneigée.









18 jun 2014

Nominated at the 29e Prix Gémeaux for best sound in a humour or variety program for 'Flack vers le futur', Gérard's spin on 'Back to the Future'.Gemeaux29eLogo








18 mar 2014

Autodesk's Official 2014 Showreel is up on the web.Autodesk SR2014








18 mar 2014

Season 2 of Scam City continues on NatGeo UK.SC NGUK








14 feb 2014

Season 2 of Scam City starts it's run in Australia next month.Nat Geo Aus








14 feb 2014

Developing a music score for this year's showreel.Autodesk -Large








14 jan 2014

Season 2 of Scam City hits the airwaves of NatGeoTV UK and International starting January 16th. Features my latest beats along with the tried and true ones from season 1. Click here for an insightful Q&A with the producer.SC2-NatGeoTV








31 déc 2013

Laflaque: As usual, my accomplices Karl De Serres & Benoit Bouchard and I worked up to the minute to finish the New Year's Eve special. Bonne Année et Flack vers le futur!Flack vers le futur



4 oct 2013

Scam City starts season 2 on Travel & Escape later this month featuring my latest beats along with the tried and true ones from season 1.Scam City 2-TE








3 oct 2013

Back for another year of mixing Et Dieu créa Laflaque, now in it's 10th season. Look out politicians.



25 jul 2013

The music score for Heaven Beside Us is complete as it goes to mix today. Directed by Evan Beloff with Glenn Berman, this is a first-time film for Gregory Kuiper. This painful story of a child abduction and murder is told with feeling and a delicate touch.

4 jul 2013

Scam City keeps rolling across the world: good new shows in New Orleans, Mexico City and more coming this fall.

11 jun 2013

Scam City has been nominated in the UK's Broadcast Digital Awards for Best Popular Factual Programme. The weekly show is watched by 25 million people in India.

4 may 2013

Wrapped up last regular episode of the season for "Et Dieu créa... Laflaque".

25 mar 2013

Autodesk Official Showreel 2013 published to Youtube. Congrats to Remedy Editorial for their work.

7 mar 2013
Scam City will return for another season on Natgeo and T&E. Gotta bear down and crank out some tunes.
8 jan 2013

Pleased to meet you 2013. Mix for 1-hour "Et Dieu créa Laflaque" James Bond spoof is done.

23 oct 2012
Scam City on the tube in the UK now http://natgeotv.com/uk/scam-city/about
02 oct 2012
Back for another season of 5.1 mixing for Radio-Canada'a hit series "Et Dieu créa... Laflaque". Clips from last season in 'others' tab.
15 july 2012
Great fun recording the Early Jazz Band performing my piece for Autodesk's Smoke demo at SIGGRAPH. "Gwen & Dave" is on the clips page as well as Autodesk's Youtube channel. Thanks to Raymond Legault (recordist) and Karina Mariano (voice of Gwen) not listed in the credits.
11 june 2012
Mixed final episode of season 8 of "Et Dieu créa... Laflaque". Resumes in the fall.
24 may 2012
In the midst of making music cues for Scam City, a doc series in which we meet pickpockets and the like in different cities around the world.
22 february 2012
Titanic the Aftermath airs on Discovery channel April 1st at 8pm and 11pm. No fooling!
17 february 2012
Music for 4 Autodesk showreels delivered for upcoming NAB, SIGGRAF and other events. A shoutout to Remedy Editorial for their work.
30 nov 2011
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